• 3 Reasons Why SUGAR Scrubs Are Superior.

    So, over the years there has been a LOT of hype over coffee and salt scrubs, but little did we know that sugar is by far the more beneficial ingredient (it's also present in nearly every other scrub too!), but why?

    Here are our 3 reasons why we think SUGAR is the superior ingredient when it comes to choosing a body or face scrub!

  • Simple habits to start your day right

    Winter is here, often leaving us a little miserable and unproductive as we struggle against the cold in our warm beds. Although, by the time the weekend comes, it's hard not to wonder where the days have gone and if we have done anything worthwhile!

    Here are a few tips to start your morning off the right way, so you can make the most of your day!

  • A Few Natural Ingredients That Will TRANSFORM Your Skin!

    Who doesn't love a little self-lovin'... especially when it's 100% NATURAL!

    I mean, the last thing we want, these days, are toxins and unwanted chemicals rubbing off our skin and draining into our sewerage system, only to be released into the environment. 

    Here are a few ingredients in skincare (apart from sugar) that we think will absolutely transform your skin. The way that Mother Earth would approve of!